BusTools-1553 version 7

GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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“Intuitive” GUI simulates, tests, and analyzes 1553 data bus traffic on CompactPCI, PCI, VME, VXI, PC/104, and PC/104-Plus form factors, among others
BusTools-1553 version 7


  • Hastens bus traffic analysis and monitoring and facilitates fast message modification/creation
  • Enables simultaneous multiple-bus control in addition to error detection/injection and speedy filtering for either recorded or live displayed data
  • Dynamic Bus Monitor stop/start feature enables users to achieve efficient on-the-fly 1553 bus traffic routing
  • One-page bus list editor, replacing the multi-page editor and permitting users to view every bus traffic message within a single window, then organize them quickly onto a highly readable one-page list
  • Selective Data Watch feature lets readers choose different data words from any bus message to identify elusive system issues, thanks to integrated high/low limit checking, automatic limit event logging and corresponding snapshot feature, and DDE output

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