Mocana's NanoVOIP


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Mocana's NanoVOIP Developers' Suite is a comprehensive security solution for application developers and device designers trying to build secure VOIP products
Mocana\'s NanoVOIP


  • NanoVOIP contains all of the protocols, algorithms, standards specifications and tools you need to turn an average VOIP implementation into a fully secure, enterprise-class encrypted voice, video and data solution
  • Better yet, you don't need to be a security expert to build secure products with NanoVOIP: our simplified API and common cryptographic code base, along with tens of thousands of lines of sample code and professional development support hide the complexity of crypto, making it easy for your team to roll out a secure VOIP implementation, fast
  • The NanoVOIP Developer's Suite consists of a specially-selected set of Mocana's best-selling security components
  • The Suite comes with live-person engineering support that you can call on not just for product problems, but for development and implementation advice
  • The whole point of NanoVOIP is to help you finish your project faster, cheaper, with code quality than you ever thought possible

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