Mocana's DSF for Freescale


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To ensure wired and wireless devices, networks and services perform and scale with the utmost security Freescale and Mocana developed the Device Security Framework (DSF) Software for Freescale PowerQUICC encryption-enabled processors
Mocana\'s DSF for Freescale


  • This single-source solution combines Freescale's encryption-enabled single-core and multicore PowerQUICC processors with Mocana's Device Security Framework, resulting in superior security performance
  • DSF is actually a suite of several best-in-class Mocana security products, optimized for the Freescale architecture:* NanoSec IPSec and IKEv1 and v2* NanoSSL client and server* NanoSSH client and server* NanoEAP extensible authentication protocol* NanoCert simple certificate enrollment protocol (SCEP)
  • These protocol stacks can run on any PowerQUICC encryption-enabled processor device with the most popular embedded operating systems
  • Utilizing the DSF Software can dramatically reduce time to market and the significant costs associated with porting, optimizing and maintaining several different open source codebases

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