Ensemble 3000 Series OpenVPX System

Mercury Systems

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The Ensemble 3000 Series OpenVPX System delivers high-density, high-performance real-time processing in a 3U form factor, suitable for use in applications with space, weight, and power (SWaP) limitations
Ensemble 3000 Series OpenVPX System


  • Ensemble 3000 Series solutions can supply advanced levels of computing to small sensor platforms operating in difficult conditions
  • Comprised of three module types: system controller hub (SCH), data plane switch (DPS), and payload modules, which can include processing modules, I/O, carriers, or combinations of both
  • Five types of independent planes: IPMI-based system management plane, GbE control plane, high-bandwidth data plane for direct support of multistage processing, sensor plane with associated sensor control-plane interface, and daisy-chain expansion plane
  • Compliance with VITA 46 and 48 standards (VPX-REDI), conduction-cooled versions
  • MultiCore Plus software environment, which offers application portability among Mercury platforms and incorporates open standards such as Linux and the EclipseIDE
  • Mercury MathPack software package with algorithm suite, Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL), in single-core and multi-core (MC SAL) versions

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