Parasoft C/C++test


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Parasoft® C/C++test™ is an integrated solution for automating a broad range of best practices proven to improve software development team productivity and software quality for C and C++.


  • Integrated runtime memory analysis that is suitable for both enterprise and embedded
  • Runtime memory analysis enables teams to automatically identify serious runtime defects - such as memory leaks, null pointers, uninitialized memory, and buffer overflows during execution
  • Operates at both the unit level and application level
  • Instrumentation used for this analysis is lightweight
  • Can be run on the target board, simulator, or host for embedded testing
  • Parasoft Concerto Task Assistant brings change-based testing and automated task management directly to the developers' familiar work environment
  • Parasoft Concerto interacts seamlessly with Visual Studio and Eclipse-based IDEs to distribute, manage, and monitor each team member's assigned tasks
  • Extended environment and compiler support for ARM, Keil, IAR, Texas Instruments, QNX, AIX, and Eclipse 3.5 enables more developers to use Parasoft C++test as a seamless part of their development process

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