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A 6U CompactPCI high-performance single board computer based on the latest 2.53 GHz Intel Core i7 (Arrandale) processor technology and featuring up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory


  • Suiteable for a broad range of applications including telecommunications, industrial control, test equipment, server blades, supervisor and monitoring systems, security, and surveillance
  • Provides an ideal upgrade path for users of the CT9 and CT11 single board computers with a more highly integrated processor with a faster clock speed; more performance per watt; more, faster memory; and more Ethernet ports than its predecessors
  • Highly integrated, incorporating Northbridge components ? memory controller, PCI Express for external graphics, integrated graphics and the DMI connector ? which make it both faster and more compact
  • Its clock speed, dual core architecture and new performance features allow applications to be executed more quickly ? or allow more tasks to be executed concurrently
  • Using TurboBoost technology, the CT12 can operate in single core mode ? for applications where dual core operation is not necessary ? at clock speeds of 3.33 GHz, allowing some applications to execute even faster
  • Designed to allow upgrade to faster Intel Core processors as these become available
  • Up to 16 GB soldered nonvolatile flash
  • Four GbE ports (two front, two rear) support intensive networking without the need to add mezzanine modules
  • Two PMC/XMC sockets, five USB 2.0 ports, two VGA and DVI ports, three COM ports, and three SATA interfaces
  • Linux and Microsoft Windows support

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