N2X IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Agilent Technologies

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Precision Time Protocol (PTP) test solution that enables network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network operators to ensure that time-critical Carrier and Industrial Ethernet applications are synchronized


  • Accurately measures the Correction Factor Error, signals the maturity of the standards, and will accelerate the deployment of 1588v2 devices
  • Tests the performance of Boundary Clocks, which mediate the relation between a single Master and multiple Slaves in large networks
  • A Boundary Clock acts as a Slave to one Master and as Master to many Slaves
  • The N5568A IEEE1588v2 Precision Timing Protocol Emulation software is available now
  • It complements the N5566A Synchronous Ethernet ESMC Emulation and G.8261 QuickTool to enhance Agilent's comprehensive Timing-over-Packet test solution

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