Emily 2200

Smart Fuel Cell (SFC)

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A fuel cell delivering long-lasting, reliable power supply for on- and off-vehicle defense applications


  • Integrated into tactical vehicles or in the field, the fuel cell operates as a ruggedized fuel cell power generator
  • As an auxiliary power unit onboard military vehicles, the EMILY 2200 keeps vehicle batteries charged automatically, reliably, quietly, and virtually emission-free
  • Delivers power for devices ranging from radios and other communication equipment to night-vision goggles, navigation devices, and computers
  • Undetectable by sound or smell and generates power almost imperceptibly ? eliminating the need to start a vehicle's engine to charge batteries
  • Off-vehicle, the EMILY 2200 provides power for mobile and stationary defense applications
  • Being used in unmanned applications as well as for a field-based charging station for batteries
  • Can be combined with other alternative power sources like solar or wind
  • Continues to produce maintenance-free electrical power for several weeks
  • For operation, the EMILY uses a fuel cartridge; for example, a 10-liter cartridge weighing 8 kg (18 lbs) has enough capacity for more than 10 kWh
  • This fuel cartridge is sufficient to power devices for more than 100 hours

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