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Deos is a safe, fast, deterministic, RTOS optimized for safety-critical applications that place a premium on reliability, real-time performance, and and formal certifiability


  • Deos is the only certifiable time and space (T&S) partitioned RTOS built from the ground up for safety-critical applications
  • Deos provides the easiest, lowest cost path of any COTS RTOS to DO-178B Level A certification, the highest level of safety criticality, and has been certified on more airframes than all other COTS RTOSes combined
  • Binary coverage tool resolves source-to-object gaps left behind by MCDC
  • Binary modularity provides a ?plug-and-play' for the system design & integration
  • XML configuration toolsand verification tools generate verifiable configuration profiles
  • User guides direct the integration, use, testing, and verification of Deos binary modules
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

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