Pentek, Inc.

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  • Dual 2 GHz, 10-bit A/D Converter with Virtex-II Pro FPGA - VME/VXS Board
  • One or two 2 GHz 10-bit A/Ds
  • Xilinx Virtex-II Pro XC2VP70 FPGA
  • Two or four front panel FPDP or FPDP II outputs
  • Optional dual 4X full-duplex VXS links
  • Up to 1 GB DDR SDRAM
  • Multiboard synchronization: up to eight dual-channel 6826's may be synchronized with the Pentek Model 6890 clock, sync, and gate distribution VME board
  • Ruggedized and conduction-cooled versions available
  • Ideal high-speed data acquisition front end for real-time recorders, SDR and DSP systems

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