7800 Series

Pentek, Inc.

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High-performance I/O boards built upon a versatile half-length x8 PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 carrier board
7800 Series


  • Carrier board hosts a PMC/XMC module to fulfill a wide range of software radio, data acquisition, and beamforming applications
  • Consequently, designers can utilize PCI Express, FPGAs, and high-speed interfaces in low-cost PCs as well as in blade servers
  • Carrier features a number of high-speed gigabit serial connectors for interboard communication
  • Using protocols such as Xilinx Aurora and Serial Rapid I/O, these interconnections support communication between multiple 7800 Series boards completely independent of the backplane
  • This provides a critical advantage for high-connectivity systems, like radar and beamforming applications, where significant data needs to be transferred across multiple boards
  • A built-in fan provides forced-air cooling, which can be invaluable in dissipating heat developed by high-speed A/Ds, D/As, and FPGAs, without requiring an extra slot
  • A four-pin standard disk drive power connector accepts power directly from the PC power supply to augment PCIe slot power, supporting modules with power consumption as high as 50 W or greater

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