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  • A / 6U PCI Express switch
  • The PEX440 Mezzanine Carrier Card allows designers the flexibility to extend and expand the I/O capability of their systems by supporting high-bandwidth links to combinations of XMCs, PMCs, and AFIX (additional Flexible Interface Xtensions) modules using PCI Express infrastructure
  • Designed to complement the GE Intelligent Platforms range of SBCs and multiprocessor boards, the PEX440 supports up to two /XMC modules and an additional AFIX module
  • Each PMC/XMC mezzanine site supports either a PMC with a high-speed (133 MHz/64-bit) PCI-X interface or an XMC with a high-speed (x8 lane) PCI Express interface
  • I/O can be routed from either the PMC or XMC connector to the backplane (in accordance with .9)

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