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High Dynamic Range 16 channel Analog-to-Digital Converters for Demanding Sonar Applications


  • Designed for data acquisition applications to respond to new naval requirements
  • Detection of smaller targets at longer distances
  • Board-board synchronization facilitates high channel count systems
  • Short form PCI Express form factor enables compact, lightweight solutions
  • Designed for the most demanding data acquisition applications, such as high frequency, multichannel sonar systems, thus offering multiple redundant levels of channel-channel and board-board synchronization, making them suitable for continuous operation in high channel count environments
  • 16-bit resolution DAC capability
  • Provides a DAC product complementary to the ICS-1640; the two are designed to work together in systems requiring both receive and transmit elements
  • High dynamic range ? 16-bit/85 dB for the ICS-1620
  • Channel-channel receive-transmit synchronization allows for target localization with no down time as the boards automatically recover synchronization
  • The ability for multiple boards to be synchronized with each other means that systems need not be limited to the 16-channels available on each board: very high channel count solutions can be developed
  • Flexible clocking schemes allow for programmability over the entire available sampling range with a resolution of 1 Hz. The clocks can be locked to a very stable onboard 10 MHz TCXO, or to an externally supplied reference clock such a GPS receiver

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