X3-XMC Family

Innovative Integration

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Industry standard XMCe devices which deliver performance with lower system cost and less development effort than custom designs


  • MC.3 ModuleXilinx Spartan3A-DSP or Spartan 3 1-2M Gate FPGA
  • Two 2MB SRAMsPCI Express with >150 MB/s data rates
  • Analog and digital IO integrated with FPGA core
  • Industry-standard COTS works with any PCI Express system or host card
  • Data buffering supports high rates and large data sets for FFTs
  • Fast, industry-standard host bus eliminates customhardware and achieves higher channel counts
  • Improve performance with real-time signal processing
  • Eliminate custom hardware and simplify system design using intelligent IO and PCI Express
  • Versatile modules adapt for use in virtually any type of system. Conduction and convection cooling
  • Range of interfaces including Desktop PCI, Desktop PCI Express, Cabled PCI Express, CompactPCI, and PXI/PXI Express
  • Readily installed into Innovative Integration's eInstrument Embedded PC, SBC-ComEx Single-Board Computer, and Andale Data Loggers
  • X3-10m 8 simultaneous channels of 25 MSPS 16-bit A/D, and 1.8M FPGA with DSP X3-25M (2) 105 MSPS A/Ds, (2) 50 MSPS D/As, Spartan 3A DSP 1.8M FPGA
  • X3-A4D4 (4) 4 MSPS A/Ds, (4) 50 MSPS DACs and 1.8M FPGA with DSP
  • X3-DIO LVDS or LVCMOS Digital IO and 1M FPGA with DSP
  • X3-SD 16 Channel, 216 KHz, 24-bit Analog Input
  • X3-SDF (4) 24-bit, Fast Sigma-Delta A/D >110 dB, 1M FPGA, 4 MB Memory
  • X3-Servo (12) 250 KSPS A/Ds, (12) 2MSPS DACs, 1.8M FPGA with DSP
  • X3- Timing Precision Timing for Sample Rate Generation and Triggering Controls with GPS-disciplined and 1 PPM Reference Clocks

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