EDGE Developer Suite 2.2

Mentor Graphics Corporation

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An Eclipse-based, integrated development environment that has a customizable architecture to improve all phases of the embedded software development cycle: compiling and debugging C/C++, simulating, and testing without hardware and profiling for performance improvements


  • EDGE ARM and Microtec PPC C/C++ compiler
  • Dynamic variant support and detailed linker control, along with fine-grained allocation for ARM
  • EDGE Debugger: High-performance C/C++ source code level debugger with multicore/multiprocess/multithread support
  • Data-driven architecture to easily add support for custom hardware
  • Advanced scripting engine and command line interface for testing and debugging
  • EDGE SimTest and SimTest Runner: Provides host-based development and testing of embedded software, without need for physical target hardware; enables engineers to greatly reduce user interface errors in the final product
  • EDGE Profiler: Captures real-time behavior for RTOS performance analysis

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