Echotek Series SCFE-V5-VXS

Mercury Systems

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The Echotek Series SCFE-V5-VXS Virtex-5 FPGA-Based Processing Engine provides high-performance processing for applications requiring extreme FPGA processing power
Echotek Series SCFE-V5-VXS
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  • Utilizing the largest FPGAs available from Xilinx, the SCFE-V5-VXS solves the toughest computing problems in a cost-effective form factor
  • The other interfaces on the card, including the QSFP fiber transceivers, and the FMC mezzanine sites, combine with the FPGA processing power to create an interoperable, upgradeable solution for a vast number of platform configurations
  • Three Xilinx Virtex-5 SX240T or LX330T FPGAs in 1,738 pin-package with up to 3,168 raw DSP48e slices
  • Firmware cores from EchoCore library
  • Two QSFP fiber interfaces
  • DDR2-SDRAM and QDR2-SRAM memory
  • SecureConfig with options to load FPGA images to either non-volatile flash or DDR2-SDRAM (volatile)
  • High-speed bidirectional VXS (VITA 41) interface and RACE++ interface on backplane

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