Nucleus Graphics

Mentor Graphics Corporation

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Nucleus Graphics embedded UI engine and designer enables the rapid creation and customization of visually rich, highly usable Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for embedded devices


  • Deliver more compelling, more usable products in less time
  • Create completely new user interface designs quickly using the drag-and-drop UI Designer
  • Small, efficient UI Engine Designed specifically for embedded devices, UI Engine's small size and economic use of resources minimizes total system cost
  • Scales to deliver the best possible user experience on any hardware Implement advanced visual effects across a full range of hardware ? from low-cost silicon to hardware accelerated application processors
  • Dramatic cost savings over hard-coded graphical UIs
  • Automated animation between layouts avoids the need to hard code animation effects saving time and advanced UI programming costs
  • Respond rapidly to changing customer requirements
  • Modifications to the UI can be completed quickly without any changes to the software stack ? even after deployment
  • Maximize return on software investment Reusable software modules serve as ?data engines? to the UI, providing content at runtime via C interfaces
  • Industry standard support UI Engine supports OpenGL/ES to take advantage of available software and hardware acceleration

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