LDRA tool suite v8.0


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Version 8.0 of the LDRA tool suite, a fully automated end-to-end product for software verification support
LDRA tool suite v8.0
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  • Provides important support and adoption of FAA, FDA, DoD, and MILS standards and implements methodology to help companies improve their CMMI maturity
  • Using LDRA DO-178B tool qualification support pack, customers gain end-to-end certification support for the FAA's DO-178B levels C, B, and A
  • Offers code coverage metrics down to the object code level
  • LDRA's DO-178B tool qualification support pack assists with this assessment in levels A-E with level A requiring the most strict adherence
  • v8.0 of the LDRA tools suite also introduces a number of ease-of-use optimizations
  • Significant speed improvements enable developers across multisite deployments to analyze large projects quickly and efficiently from requirements through static and dynamic analysis and testing
  • Support for comprehensive coverage analysis automatically links coverage results from system level tests with highly targeted unit level testing
  • Following more intuitive organization, structural coverage results are graphically displayed based on a user-defined suite of requirements-based test cases
  • These coverage results are now integrated into the classic LDRA Testbed coverage reports, enterprise-level TBreq reports, and used to complete verifications analysis
  • LDRA tool suite assists developers in software standards checking, analysis of code coverage, unit testing, and object-code verification
  • LDRA Testbed, the core engine of the LDRA tool suite, forms the foundation of automated software verification
  • LDRA Testbed performs the code, quality, and design reviews on the source code
  • LDRA has also added TBvision, a next-generation graphical reporting and documentation tool, to the LDRA tool suite that enables companies to easily see how their source code performs against security vulnerabilities, fault-detection, and adherence to the required quality standards
  • TBrun, LDRA's automated unit-testing tool, automates and graphically displays the production of test data vectors with test harness and stub generation completing automatically
  • By using the Object-box Mode capability of the LDRA tool suite, developers can create test cases for structural coverage of high-level source code and apply these exact same test cases to the corresponding object code
  • LDRA tool suite is available for C, C++, Ada 83, Ada 95, and Assembly systems
  • Highly scalable, works with large-scale commercial and production systems
  • Excellent for both legacy code and new code development verification

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