Innovative Integration

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  • Low Power Windows/Linux Embedded Computer with Dual XMC IO Sites
  • Integrated Windows/Linux PC with dual XMC IO sites
  • Low Power Intel Atom Processor
  • Scalable CPU performance (Penryn Compatible)
  • Fanless operation with Intel Atom CPU and low power IO modules
  • Operate fully embedded without keyboard, monitor or mouse
  • Data logging rates to 800 MB/s with 4x HDD
  • Configurable IO uses standard XMC IO modules. Add anything from RF receivers to industrial control modules
  • PCI Express IO sites (VITA 42.3) deliver >200MB/s to CPU memory
  • Integrated timing and triggering including optional GPS-disciplined clock
  • Supports Innovative X3 and X5 IO modules private data channels, triggering and timing features
  • USB2.0 x6, Gigabit Ethernet, VGA
  • System expansion with Cabled PCI Express (use other eInstruments)
  • Boots from SATA HDD or USB FLASH
  • AC or DC operation
  • Applications
  • Embedded instrumentation
  • Remote, autonomous IO
  • Mobile instrumentation
  • Distributed data acquisition

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