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Typically, before development starts on DSP software ñ for SIGINT, sonar, radar, or other signal processing code types ñ decisions have to be made. Perhaps most important is: On which type of target hardware platform will the software be executed? Moreover, not having yet received initial funding ñ or not having identified, procured, or tested the target hardware platform ñ can be prohibitive to software development starts, but that doesnít have to be the case. GE Fanucís platform-independent AXISLib-CL Signal and Vector Processing Library, as an extension of GEís AXIS multiprocessor software development environment, allows software development to commence before target hardware is in hand. Key to the equation is AXISLib-CLís capability of rapid migration from the modeling stage to the platform deployment phase. AXISLib-CL enables vector and DSP math algorithms to be created from a suite of functions. AXISLib-CL renders interplatform portability and consistency amongst different vendor implementations, processors, and data types. It comprises a generic C platform and runs on both Freescale and Intel processors. Provided with AXISLib-CL are the VSIPL and AXISLib-RSPL APIs, the latter of which supports portability among OSs such as Linux, VxWorks, Windows, and LynxOS and offers more than 450 image processing functions.
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  • A platform-independent linkable software Signal and Vector Processing Library
  • Software development can begin before target hardware is available ? Rapid migration from modeling to embedded platform deployment
  • Designed for developers of military and aerospace applications such as radar, sonar, and SIGINT, but is also applicable to any industry ? such as medical imaging ? where rapid development of sophisticated digital signal- and image processing applications is a requirement
  • Works in conjunction with AXIS, GE Intelligent Platforms Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment, designed to dramatically speed and simplify the creation and debugging of sophisticated DSP applications
  • AXISLib-CL extends AXIS's capabilities by providing platform-independent DSP and mathematical functions, enabling developers to begin work on application software ahead of the identification, testing, and procurement of the target hardware platform
  • Runs on a range of processors including those from Freescale and Intel
  • Provides application portability between platforms and consistency across data types, processors, and vendor implementations, so that engineering development is accelerated and new technology insertion is made easier
  • Both the industry-standard VSIPL API and the AXISLib-RSPL API are provided, giving the user flexibility and choice
  • The AXISLib-RSPL API provides the developer complete control over the data flow, data management, and customization while ensuring that memory management is as efficient as possible
  • The module implements more than 450 vector, signal, and image processing functions. It provides excellent portability between operating systems ? including VxWorks, LynxOS, Linux, and Windows) as well as interoperability between present and future GE Intelligent Platforms products

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