Sensor Stream Computing Platform

Mercury Systems

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A VXS-based GPU-based Sensor Stream Computing Platform enables embedded stream computing customers to benchmark and evaluate application performance in their choice of GPU environments, then migrate to a larger deployed solution
Sensor Stream Computing Platform
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  • Offers unsurpassed scalability in compute power, performance, and thermal management, and allows for much greater, tunable performance for a variety of commercial and defense applications
  • Leverages a dual dual-core Intel Xeon-based VX6-200 SBC, which offers unprecedented levels of compute performance and a wide selection of I/O interfaces
  • At the heart of the Platform is the VXS-GSC5200 dual MXM GPU module, which delivers high bandwidth performance to each GPU from the host, as well as between GPUs
  • Each MXM GPU module can drive up to three display monitors (one analog and two digital)

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