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High-Performance Video Processing Mezzanine Card for image Fusion In Harsh Environments
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  • Adds image fusion capabilities to GE Intelligent Platforms ADEPT104 and AIM12 automatic video trackers ? Real-time, full-frame, multi-resolution image fusion ? Outperforms software-based technologies
  • Designed to significantly increase the ease with which images from multiple sensors and cameras can be assimilated and interpreted, thus speeding reaction time and potentially saving lives
  • Allows the design of highly integrated, high-performance graphics capabilities in any environment where the input from multiple devices needs to be fused to provide a complete, easy-to-interpret image
  • ?Fuses? multiple sensor or camera inputs into a single on-screen image, making interpretation easier and allowing faster reaction
  • Offers intelligent, real-time, full-frame, multi-resolution image fusion that aims to maximize scene detail and contrast in the fused output, producing superior fused image quality with maximized information content
  • Novel algorithm gives significantly improved results over the baseline weighted average algorithm while still performing in real time on live imagery
  • Built-in warp engine provides rotation, scaling, and translation for each video source to compensate for image distortion and misalignment between the imagers

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