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So youíve acquired the radar data ... how do you display it? Thatís the mission of Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computingís Cougar two-slot VME card set. Designed for military applications, the assembly simplifies the integration of advanced radar image processing and distribution ñ specifically in deployed embedded systems. Since the boards come from CWCEC, you know theyíre available in air- and conduction-cooled versions over a wide temperature range. The all-in-one set performs radar video acquisition, scan conversion, and display. It can even drive multiple displays and be remotely controlled over a network via the provided API. Based upon an Intel Core 2 Duo SBC with Windows or Linux, the SBC supports RVL with an API that allows it to interface with a complete radar or mission computer system. Analog radar or RVP server inputs feed the board, which then can drive an RGB/DVI display at up to 2 K x 2 K with mixed scan-converted radar (such as for symbology overlay). Optional video inputs and a second output display are even included. There are also four PMC/XMC expansion slots (two per LRU) to allow users mix-and-match application capabilities including: radar video input processor, radar video scan converter, high-performance video controller, video mixer, or onboard mass storage for data recorder applications or a moving map database.
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  • An Integrated Radar Input and Scan Converter VME board set
  • Provides an open standards-based, high-performance choice for capturing, converting, and mixing radar video
  • Designed for demanding military radar applications, Cougar speeds and simplifies the integration of advanced radar image processing and distribution functionality into deployed embedded system
  • Flexible, two-slot VME modularsystem
  • Four PMC/XMC expansion slots host user-selected mix of mezzanine modules appropriate for their particular application
  • Mezzanine modules supported include Curtiss-Wright's Osiris B radar video input card, XMC-710 video capture and graphics display card, Eagle-2 radar scan conversion module, and an optional PMC-659 mixer card
  • Intel Core2 Duo-based Host Single Board Compute
  • Windows or Linux software support with RVL+ API for ease of application development and configuration
  • Applications can be executed locally on the Cougar or remotely via a network for which an API is provide
  • Various ruggedization levels include air-cooled and conduction-cooled (contact factory to discuss which variants will be available in a conduction-cooled form
  • Inputs: Radar video ? either analog from radar or from an RVP server over an Ethernet network
  • Outputs: RGB/DVI display, up to 2K x 2K resolution, with mixed scan-converted radar
  • Optional second display
  • Cougar RVP servers can send digitized radar video over an Ethernet network

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