Artisan GSN Modeler

Artisan Software Tools, Inc.

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Artisan GSN Modeler provides developers of safety-critical systems with a powerful and easy-to-use visual modeling environment for the creation of well-structured, complex Safety A Goal Structuring Notation: Definition and documentation of ‘Safety Arguments'


  • Argument validation: Only one root Goal
  • Strategies must be ?solved' by at least one Goal or Strategy
  • Goals must be ?solved' by at least one Goal, Strategy or Solution
  • Structure must not contain any loops
  • Powerful Modeling Tool: Design and document Safety Arguments
  • Easy Navigation: Quickly navigate complex arguments
  • Multi-user environment: Multiple safety engineers can work on the same Artisan GSN Modeler project simultaneously
  • Re-use of Arguments: Reusable Argument Patterns, captured in GSN, can be reused on multiple projects

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