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X5-COM PCI Express XMC module with four Ethernet/SRIO/Gigabit serial ports, Virtex5 SXT or FXT FPGA, and 512 MB Memory
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  • Four communications ports: Gigabit Ethernet, Aurora, InfiniBand, Serial RapidIO (requires supporting IP in FPGA)
  • Xilinx Virtex5 SX95T or FX100T FPGA SX95T: 640 DSP MACs
  • FX100T: 2 PowerPC+ 256 DSP MACs
  • Industry-standard SFP modules support up to 4.125 Gbps over copper or Fiber Optic cables (rates depend on FPGA speed and cable)
  • 512 MB DDR2 DRAM supporting 4 GBps transfer rates
  • 4 MB QDR-II SRAM for computations, 4 RocketIO links for data plane using P16 >1 GBps, 8-lane PCI Express hostiInterface
  • Conduction cooling and thermal monitoring
  • XMC Module (75x150 mm)
  • Adapters for desktop, CompactPCI, and cabled PCI Express

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