Thermite 3


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Thermite 3
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  • Thermite 3.0 tactical visual computers
  • Modularity ? provides flexibility for tailoring CPU, graphics, video processing, networking, I/O, and storage
  • Power efficient ? Dynamic power control minimizes consumption and thermal dissipation
  • Designed for compliance to MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-1275B, MIL-STD-704F, and STANAG 1008 (contact factory for qualification status)
  • Media drives ? removable or integrated, shock-resistant, solid-state drives
  • Rotating media drive options for development
  • Performance ? 1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo LV, with 2 GB or 4 GB system memory
  • Video capture ? Eidetix advanced PCI Express-based video capture and processing for real-time video capture
  • Combine state-of-the-art field-embedded computing with mobile graphics, conduction cooling, and support for open architecture operating systems

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