MM2 with Ethernet

FreeWave Technologies, Inc.

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For customers who need an industrial grade high speed Ethernet radio that operates in harsh and challenging RF environments


  • Dimensions for the IP interface combined with the MM2 radio are 101 x 51 x 13 millimeters with a weight of 42 grams
  • Low signal performance: RISC-based signal demodulation with matched filter
  • Sensitivity is specified and guaranteed
  • GaAs FET RF front end with multi-stage Surface-Acoustic-Wave (SAW) filters has a combination of overload immunity and sensitivity
  • Selectivity is specified and guaranteed
  • Industrial-grade high-speed Ethernet
  • Supports TCP, industrial grade wireless security and serial communications, all in one package
  • Selectable speeds: 115.2 KBPS to 1.23 MBPS
  • Single MM2 or MM2 Ethernet can be used in a security network as a master, slave, repeater, or master/slave unit
  • High noise immunity
  • Offers superior performance in noise-congested environments
  • Line-of-sight range to 60 miles at standard data rates and 30 miles at high-speed data rates
  • FreeWave's proprietary spread spectrum technology prevents detection and unauthorized access; offers 128-bit AES encryption
  • 100 percent tested for RF performance from -40 ?C to +85 ?C

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