WANic™ 5860

GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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WANic? 5860
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  • Packet processor
  • Suits applications demanding wire-speed communications
  • Designed to enable rapid application development using open, modular, highly available systems based on PCI-X platform architectures
  • It is supported by GE Intelligent Platforms growing ecosystem of third party software vendors such as 6Wind
  • Complement to the WANic 3860, providing an alternative that delivers even greater throughput and higher bandwidth, and also complements the recently announced (June 3) PCI Express form factor WANic 5434
  • Designed for NEBS compliance to ensure safety and reliability while maintaining network integrity
  • Highly appropriate for applications such as session border control, secure access (IPsec), network address translation (NAT), deep packet inspection (DPI), traffic management and firewall
  • Available with four 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Configured with four 1000BASE-T twisted pair copper SFPs or four 1000BASE-SX ports configured with fiber SFPs, the WANic 5860 leverages the power of the 600 MHz Cavium OCTEON Plus CN5860-NSP 16-core MIPS64-based processor to deliver up to 4 Gbps line-speed packet processing for Layers 2-7
  • To optimize application performance, the CN5860-NSP supports a dual-issue, five-stage pipeline and optimized latencies as well as auto instruction pre-fetching and advanced data pre-fetching features to minimize memory delays
  • The WANic 5860 software implementation is a comprehensive development package designed to improve time-to-revenue
  • It is optimized to simplify application integration for multi-core processor development environments
  • Firmware including a Universal Boot loader (U-Boot) and comprehensive Power On Self Test (POST) is embedded in the hardware
  • Also included are a Linux Support Package (LSP) and sample application code designed to exercise the WANic 5860
  • The LSP includes a Linux Operating System and user application diagnostics
  • The supported operating system is Debian Linux: support for other operating systems is available upon request
  • Optional software modules such as an IPv4/IPv6 stack, IPSec, QoS management, multicast forwarding, IP filtering, VLAN, L2 tunneling and application programming frameworks will be available from GE Intelligent Platforms ecosystem third party providers

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