X3 PCIe XMC Modules

Innovative Integration

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X3 PCIe XMC Modules
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  • X3-10M - 8 simultaneous channels of 25 MSps 16-bit and 1.8M with
  • X3-25M - Two 25 MSps A/Ds, Two 50 MSps DACs, and 1M FPGA
  • X3-SD - 16-Channels, 24-bit, 216 KSps, Simultaneous Sampling, >110 dB A/Ds, 1M FPGA, and 4 MB Memory
  • X3-SDF - 4-Channels of 24 bit, Fast Sigma-Delta A/D >110 dB, 1M FPGA, 4 MB Memory

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