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PMC-StarLite is a switched-fabric interconnect in PMC form factor designed to link G4DSP VME boards


  • Star-Fabric inter-board Interconnect PMC
  • StarFabric-to-PCI bridge
  • 32/64-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI Interface and 2 StarFabric Ports
  • StarFabric 6 port switch
  • 5 Gbps peak (duplex) aggregate bandwidth on each port
  • 30 Gbps peak non Blocking Switching for High availability
  • 4 StarFabric ports to the front or rear
  • 2 StarFabric ports to StarFabric-to-PCI bridge
  • Additional passive any-to-any front/back plane, low cost and maintenance
  • Scalable over limitless board sets in the VME environment
  • Additional front or rear routing adaptor for development
  • VxWorks drivers for G4DSP-XD3 and PPC SBC cards
  • Air and conduction-cooled

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