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  • The DSP220 is a 6U VXS (VITA 41.2) quad 8641/8641D multiprocessor
  • Featuring 4 single-or dual core Freescale PowerPC 8641 System-on-Chip nodes and a VITA 42.2-compliant XMC slot
  • Four Freescale MPC8641D processors
  • Eight banks DDR SDRAM, up to 8 GB total
  • Serial RapidIO fabric and GbE to all nodes
  • Eight serial ports
  • One XMC site with sRIO support
  • VME 2eSST interface
  • Node management controller
  • Rugged 6U VITA 41.2 form factor for air, spray and conduction cooled systems
  • AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software
  • GE Intelligent Platforms Built-In-Test (BIT) for PowerPC
  • BSPs for VxWorks and LynxOS

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