LVDT-Servo -- Signal Conditioner & Embedded Servo Controller

Innovative Integration

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LVDT-Servo is a turnkey instrument combining Innovative's Cardsharp single board computer, FMC-Servo I/O module plus custom firmware and software to perform 4 channels of LVDT synchronous, simultaneous demodulation and control. The digital demodulation core provides sharp digital low-pass filtering and rapid phase tracking on the delta phase of the excitation and return signal. Built-in null point calibration efficiently solves the offset error around the null point. The powerful hardware platform supports a wide range of excitation frequencies from 400 Hz to 20 KHz, with latency of less than 2.7 ms. The Xilinx Zynq Z7045 FPGA is available for custom, real-time servo loop core implementations. Build the algorithm in VHDL, Xilinx System Generator and MATLAB, or Xilinx High Level Synthesizer (HLS) running inside the FPGA. Then, run a C++ program as the servo loop running in bare-metal in CPU core 1.
LVDT-Servo -- Signal Conditioner & Embedded Servo Controller
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  • Xilinx Zynq Z7045 with dual ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 1 GB RAM, running PetaLinux
  • Eight 16-bit ADC and eight 16-bit DAC sampling synchronously at 400 KHz, DC-coupled
  • USB 2.0 x1, 1 GbE x1, 32 GB eMMC, JTAG
  • Internal 14-bit GPIO and UART x2 Self-bootable standalone operation
  • LVDT Signal Conditioner Four independent LVDT signal conditioners
  • Offset/Phase (16-bit, unipolar or bipolar) to CPU
  • Embedded Servo Loop

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