Digital Video Surveillance Kit

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A Digital Video Surveillance Kit, second-generation stand-alone kit features Ethernet networking, streaming video, and onboard DSP
Digital Video Surveillance Kit
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  • Created in conjunction with Analog Devices and Micron Technology
  • Simplified prototype development platform that uses ADI's Blackfin DSP for video processing, CMOS image sensors from Micron Technology, and Ethernet for connectivity
  • Software provides motion detection, threat analysis, and alert notification based upon preset events
  • Images can also be sent over IP
  • Streaming video is supported, or images and alarms can be sent over the network
  • Kit is designed for multiple image sensors, from VGA to a 5 Megapixel digital still camera with a dynamic sensor range that exceeds 100 dB, great resolution with minimal noise.
  • Kit includes an evaluation copy of Analog Devices' VisualDSP++ IDE for the Blackfin processor

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