XMC to PCIe Carrier

Innovative Integration

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The PCI Express to XMC module adapter allows a single width XMC module to be used in a PCI Express slot
XMC to PCIe Carrier


  • The XMC module is VITA 42.3 compatible and supports a single PCI Express lane
  • XMC PCI Express VITA 42.3 module to a PCIe slot
  • PCI Express x1 to XMC.3 module interface
  • Transparent operation P16 connector breakout to MDR68
  • IEEE 1384 XMC mechanicals
  • >50 W power provided to the module
  • Robust end bracket
  • Large opening under the XMC module improves cooling
  • half-size PCI Express card
  • Applications: Fast, Simple Expansion
  • Add XMC modules to standard PCIe host systems
  • Custom interfaces to XMC P16

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