PMC to PCIe Carrier

Innovative Integration

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PMC to PCIe Carrier


  • PMC to PCI Express carrier card
  • Designed to host any 32/64-bit PMC or PTMC
  • No special bridge software required
  • For use with any standard 3rd-party module
  • Supports PN1 to PN4
  • 3.3/5 V signaling - 32/64 bit data transfers to 66 MHz
  • Supports PN1 - PN4 connections with 3.3/5 V signaling
  • PMC PN4 connected to VME P2 using standardized VITA mapping
  • Applications: fast, simple expansion
  • Fast integration of COTS or Custom I/O
  • Ultra-high bandwidth to/from daughter cards

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