SIO XMC Module

Innovative Integration

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The SIO VelociaPMC card is a powerful, flexible architecture for high speed communications applications
SIO XMC Module


  • Flexible serial PHY + Co-processing
  • GbE, Fiber Channel, Infiniband
  • Virtex-II Pro FPGA, VP40
  • Optional 1 GHz C6416 DSP
  • PCI 64/66 with P4 port to host card
  • SFP connectors for COTS transceivers
  • 64 MB SDRAM for DSP
  • Four 1 GB DDR RAM for FPGA
  • Low-jitter PLL clock source
  • Advanced SW and firmware demo programs
  • Applications:Communications testing,BERT, Protocol Analysis and Test, Channel Integrity Analysis, Cellular Basestation Testing,ASIC/Hardware Testing, Network Compliance Verification, and Network IP development

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