X3-10m PCI Express

Innovative Integration

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PCIe XMC Module with 8 simultaneous channels of 10 MSps 16-bit A/D and 1.8M FPGA with DSP


  • 8 simultaneously sampling 16-bit, 10 MSps A/Ds
  • Programmable input: +/-2 V, +/-1 V, +/-0.4 V,+/-0.1 V
  • High impedance, differential inputs
  • Xilinx Spartan3A DSP, 1.8M gate FPGA
  • 4 MB SRAMProgrammable Low Jitter PLL timebase
  • Framed, software or external triggering
  • Log acquisition timing and events
  • 44 bits digital I/O on P16
  • Power Management features
  • XMC Module (75mm x150 mm)
  • PCI Express (VITA 42.3)
  • Aplications:Multichannel sensor interface, Neuro-physical instrumentation, and high speed motion recordiing

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