StorFly self-encrypting drives (SEDs)

Virtium Technology

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Further enhancing Virtium’s vtSecure® technology, the new SSDs now include industry-leading AES-256 encryption security support – the strongest among the Advanced Encryption Standard ciphers – for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With these new SEDs, Virtium is the only provider of industrial-grade SSDs with self-encryption available across all major drive form factors.
StorFly self-encrypting drives (SEDs)
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  • Integrated AES encryption engine with self-encrypting capabilities and secure erase support specifically built for the industrial/embedded market
  • Encryption for SATA in all popular form factors providing system designers with options previously unavailable
  • Support of industrial operating temperatures (-40C to 85C), extending new levels of security to designs in extreme operating conditions
  • Includes vtGuard™ Power Fail Protection and accessible by Virtium’s new vtView® SSD Software

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