Innovative Integration

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  • Quad-DSP
  • Dual
  • Dual sites
  • board with an advanced architecture that providesinter-processor connectivity and access to external interfaces
  • High performance and extreme flexibility for advanced signal capture and real-time processing applications
  • Four C6416 DSPs split in two independent clusters each hosting a PMC site
  • One large FPGA for end-user code
  • Central FPGA routing interprocessor communication
  • End-user FPGA communication
  • External port serial I/O for PCI Express or other private link
  • Global memory and PCI interface
  • Suitable platform for integrating high performance DSP and I/O into advanced , , and real-time applications such as telecom, RADAR, SONAR and communications
  • 1 GHz TMS320C6416 DSP (x4)
  • 64 MB SDRAM per processor
  • Flexible internal/external communication mesh
  • 64-bit/66 MHz CompactPCI
  • Two PMC sites with Jn4 to FPGA
  • External data port, up to 12 Gbps
  • Two 4M Gate FPGA reserved for end-user code
  • Up to two 2 MB private DDR SBSRAM
  • Up to two 128 MB private DDR SDRAM
  • Up to 512 MB Global DDR SDRAM
  • Applications include high-end co-processing, wireless, broadband communications, RADAR,video, biometrics, signal intelligence, and electronic warfare

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