Secure Solid State Drives

Mercury Systems

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Innovation that Protects Mercury’s Solid State Drives (SSDs) provide superior data at rest protection against intruders as well as harsh environments.  Our SSDs come in BGA, 2.5", XMC, mSATA 52-pin and custom form factors. Engineered andmanufactured in aDMEA Trusted Facility, these SSDs offer a secure supply chain critical for defense applications. They are built to withstand high shock and vibration environments. And the controller is owned by Mercury which provides long term product support and removes obsolescence risk. Learn more at
Secure Solid State Drives
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  • Densities from 32GB to 1TB
  • AES 256 XTS encryption
  • FIPS 197 certified encryption
  • Support for customized security features and packaging options
  • High speed purge with validation
  • Meets all Military purge protocols
  • Ruggedized connector options

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