Cardsharp Single Board with HPC

Innovative Integration

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Cardsharp a user-customizable, turnkey embedded single board that provides two A9 CPU cores directly-coupled with FPGA fabric. Linux runs in core 0 providing ethernet, USB and disk connectivity while core 1 runs bare-metal, zero-latency, real-time stand-alone applications. The Cardsharp Xilinx Kintex-7 series FPGA fabric is directly connected to an HPC FMC module site.
Cardsharp Single Board with HPC
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  • Combines an Zynq Z7045 SoC with FMC IO module in a compact, stand alone design
  • Powerful, dual, floating-point Arm A9 CPU performance
  • Rugged, XMC form factor: 149 x 74 mm
  • Self-bootable, stand-alone operation
  • Able to operate diskless and headless
  • Configurable IO uses standard HPC FMC IO module. Add anything from RF receivers to industrial control modules.
  • Runs Linux applications
  • IO site (VITA 57) deliver up to 6 GB/s to PL memory, 2 GB/s to PS memory
  • Optional timing and triggering support for IO includes IEEE 1588 or GPS-disciplined clock
  • Supports Innovative FMC IO module features for private data channels, triggering and timing features
  • USB2.0, 1 Gb Ethernet, eMMC, SPI, RS232 ports

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