DBS 901

SKY Computers, Inc.

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A 100 MHz, 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator mezzanine that plugs into the Analogic DBS 9900 VXI carrier board
DBS 901


  • Two DBS 901 mezzanines can be installed in a single DBS 9900
  • Tests DSL, ADSL, video, and other communications products that require high-end testing equipment
  • Provides versatile clock and trigger sources via internal circuitry, front panel connectors, and VXI TTLTRG or ECLTRG lines
  • Internal clock can drive all plug-in function modules simultaneously so that clock skew and delays are reduced to a minimum
  • Onboard 1-Mword waveform memory is segmentable with branching and looping capability
  • VXI Plug & Play compliant software driver supports all DBS 9900 functions

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