Atropos XMC Timing

Innovative Integration

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Atropos is an XMC I/O module with precision, lownoise clock generation and distribution for data acquisition and communications timing applications. The module has four output clocks and four output triggers as well as a clock/reference input and a trigger input


  • Clock generation and distribution Four single-ended clock outputs
  • External clock/reference input Low noise: 91 fs RMS jitter -162.5 dBc/Hz noise floor (fc=245.76 MHz)
  • Programmable 70.06 to 3080 MHz range On-board 10 MHz, 250 ppb oscillator or
  • External frequency reference Four programmable trigger outputs
  • Supports J16 triggers and local bus External trigger input
  • XMC Module (75x150 mm) PCI Express (VITA 42.3)
  • Applications: Sample clock generation for high speed data acquisition applications
  • Sample clock generation for multichannel systems
  • Synchronization for distributed systems
  • Timing Generation
  • Windows & Linux

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