Ensemble MPC-102

Mercury Systems

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The Ensemble MPC-102 Dual-Core 8641D AMC Module combines dual-core processing power and flexible I/O for AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA (µTCA) platforms
Ensemble MPC-102
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  • Dual-core Freescale MPC8641D processor running at up to 1.33 GHz, combined with memory and I/O options for maximum application flexibility
  • Single-width AdvancedMC, either mid-height or full-height, differing only by faceplate
  • Includes an controller, firmware, and IPMI links for chassis management-based control and configuration
  • Fully compatible with both and Ensemble platforms
  • Switch-fabric communications can use either or PCI Express
  • Well suited to provide high-performance computing for applications as diverse as base stations, wafer lithography, and test and measurement in telecom, industrial control, silicon inspection, and other industries

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