MKS Integrity 2007

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  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Unified requirements change management allowing individual requirements or documents to follow their own lifecycle path;Requirements reuse and persistence - a unique capability allowing for groups of requirements to be associated and re-used in a parallel development scenarioRequirements versioning and baselines - providing the ability to securely identify a point in history for a requirement or document, and navigate the system based on that baseline, and begin new work with the baseline as a starting point.
  • Enforced process control SAP and Oracle/Peoplesoft change management
  • MKS becomes the first ALM vendor to deliver test management as an integral part of the ALM platform. Unlike other stand-alone vendor offerings, MKS Integrity's test management capability breaks down the walls between business analysts, development and QA, liberating teams from their silos to collaborate and communicate. Organizations demanding requirements-based development and testing can now fully unify these processes.

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