Innovative Integration

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Innovative Integration’s FMC Family of Modules: Module               A/D                        D/A FMC-1000 2x1250MSPS • 14b            2x1250MSPS • 16b FMC-500 2x500MSPS • 14b                2x1230MSPS • 16b FMC-310 4x310MSPS • 16b FMC-250 2x250MSPS • 16b                2x500MSPS • 16b FMC- Servo 8x500KSPS • 16b             8x500KSPS • 16b FMC-SFP+                                          4xSFP+ Ports FMC-QSFP                                         2xQSFP Ports FMC-SDF 4x1MSPS • 14b                   1x1MSPS • 16b FMC-10GE                                          2x10Gbe ePC-K7 only
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  • High Speed Digitizing Signal Generation for WirelessTransceiver Pulse Generation,
  • Medical Imaging, Precision Recording/ Playback
  • , RADAR, LTE WiMAX Physical Layer, Wireless Receiver andTransmitter
  • Remote Radio Head receiver, OBSAI and CPRI interface,
  • Serial FPDP and SRIO fiber optic ports

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