GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

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For use in communications, radar, and test and measurement applications in harsh environments


  • Suitable applications include military communications, signal intelligence, smart antenna, radar beam forming, wireless test and measurement and satellite ground stations
  • DC-coupled digital receiver
  • Four 14-bit ADCs that sample synchronously at frequencies up to 105 MHz
  • Two Graychip GC4016 quad Digital Down-Conversion (DDC) modules for simultaneous down conversion of up to 8 arbitrary signal bands (e.g., 8 FDM signals) and a 3 Mgate Xilinx FPGA, providingcapability for baseband signal processing
  • Two large FIFO buffers decoupled to support simultaneous wide and narrow band operation and a fast PCI 2.2 64-bit, 66 MHz DMA interface
  • Available in five ruggedization levels conforming to the IEEE 1101.2-1992 standard, including both convection- and conduction-cooled options, and can be used with any suitable type of carrier card that will accept a PMC module, including VME, PCI, and CompactPCI types
  • Level 4 and 5 conduction-cooled versions must be used with an appropriate conduction cooled carrier such as those made by GE Intelligent Platforms in VMEbus and CompactPCI formats

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