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A build-to-release management solution as a free Eclipse RCP-based application with an Eclipse plug-in
OpenMake Mojo


  • Process automation is used in the software development industry to automate and manage ad hoc build-to-release scripts
  • Provides enterprise-level process automation for managing the execution of ad hoc build, testing, and deployment scripts
  • Interoperates with other application life-cycle tools through adapters
  • Adapters provide out-of-the-box integration with deployment tools for packaging, testing tools for test script execution, and SCM tools for check-in, check-out, labeling, Bill-of-Materials reporting, and build-difference reporting
  • A complete application life-cycle process can be defined as a workflow and re-executed by any approved user
  • Provides centralized access across multiple development projects and development platforms with global reporting and tracking
  • Upgradeable to support remote workflow execution using remote build servers, allowing different steps of the workflow to be executed across the enterprise
  • Generates adaptable and dynamic audit-conforming builds for Java, Visual Studio, Eclipse, IBM RAD, C, C++, C-Unix, Visual Basic, and other development languages

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