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A seventh-generation build-to-release management solution and community-developed build-to-release knowledgebase
OpenMake Meister


  • Through its Build Services and Build Forensics features, Meister links development efforts to production results while reducing script redundancies and build errors
  • Build Services provides a layer of virtualization from ad hoc scripting, enabling build best practices, and build project management
  • Extends the OpenMake Mojo build-process automation solution by going beyond simple workflow management and process automation to support software construction in more than 200 languages and environments
  • Actively manages software builds, going well beyond executing ad hoc scripts and process automation
  • Lets an organization build upon and share build best practices throughout the enterprise by refining build definitions and execution processes through extendable Build Methods
  • Eliminates redundant, repetitive manual work by actively adapting, generating, and tuning build-control elements and performing deep dependency scanning for thorough component discovery
  • Enhances agile and continuous development methodologies by minimizing redundant scripting tasks and supporting a self-documented build-to-release process that is community developed
  • Tasks such as code refactoring become as easy outside the IDE as inside the IDE
  • Eclipse-based

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