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Paravirtualization real-time operating system based on a separation microkernel


  • Supports multiple additional operating systems and runtime environments, such as Linux, ARINC 653, and POSIX, together with their associated applications
  • All OSs and RTEs run concurrently and cooperatively in their own partitions
  • The native design of the separation microkernel specifically addresses the requirements of safe and secure systems
  • All drivers, stacks, hard real-time applications and hosted OSs or RTEs reside in separate address spaces with pre-defined I/O access controlled by PikeOS. The paravirtualization capabilitiy of enables the combination of applications with different safety and security certification levels on one platform
  • Supports hardware convergence efforts and opens the door for open source components to be utilized in safety- and security critical systems
  • Offers support for a variety of hosted OSs, RTEs and APIs. This variety enables legacy applications (e.g. Ada) to run concurrently with new applications based on standards like POSIX and ARINC 653. All these OSs, runtime environments and APIs run on the same PikeOS kernel and can be combined as needed
  • With the CODEO IDE and the COGNITO time and system analyzer extension, SYSGO offers a complete environment for embedded development

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